Stoneberry Press
Letterpress Printing
18M Liberton Brae
Edinburgh EH16 6AE
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Modern Wedding Invitations set for Debra and John
Sheakspeare's sonnet 130
French green Classic Wedding Invitations set for Kirsty and Marcus
Thistle themed Wedding Invitations set for Martha and Kenneth
Russian Constructivism Invitations for Cyril and Olga
Invitations for Reine and Troy's Toscana Wedding with a map on reverse
POFI Business Cards
The Alchemist Business Cards
Edinburgh International Book Festival, 2018 Baillie Gifford Prize winner's brochure
Honey jars labels for local artisan production
Art-deco Wedding invitations set for Rachel and Nicholas
Invitations for Petya and Marco with Thistle motives
20 Years in Business event Invitations for Atom Consultants
Modernist Wedding Invitations set for Natasha and Tom
Edinburgh International Book Festival, 2017 Baillie Gifford Prize winner's brochure
Poultry recipes book for Earth Projects
Snowlarch Business Cards
Romantic Wedding Invitations for Heather and James
Dinamica Business Cards
Olive tree themed Invitations for Caroline and Andre
Bond Street Style invitations set for Amy and Christopher
Edinburgh International Book Festival, 2016 Baillie Gifford Prize winner's brochure
Over six years Unity Street Chambers Christmas parties Invitations
Greeting cards for Gleneagle Hotel
Livingston James Leadership Conversations events Invitations
Prague Medieval Karlov Bridge themed Invitations for Anna and Mario
Giant Causeway themed Wedding Invitations for Erin and Andy
Motorbikes themed Wedding Invitations for Mari and Tristan
Hi-end quality printing

Letterpress printing is what we do best
We are known since 2014 for deep impression printing
on quality heavy paper

We do
Letterpress printing, hot foil stamping, duplexing, coloured edges,
die cutting and book binding

We combine usage of Original Heidelberg T-Platen 1965
with modern letterpress techniques
to make our work look crisp and vibrant

We could send you samples of our work
or meet you in our Liberton studio in Edinburgh
where you can see everything for yourselves
Letterpress Printing
18M Liberton Brae
Edinburgh EH16 6AE
44 (0) 752 333 43 72
Email or call us
to calculate your print